Very Convenient and Inexpensive (See Below).  Basic Legal Documents Every Responsible Adult Should Have. Get a Last Will and Testament. Distribute Your Estate, Name Your Executor, Provide for a Guardian for Your Minor Children–  all the Way You  Want. A Power Of Attorney Nominates an Agent to Handle Your Transactional Affairs-Particularly If You Can’t. The Living Will is a  Valuable Medical-Legal Document. We also Fix the “Do It Yourself Documents” you got online that aren’t such a bargain now. Call Eric First!!!

Don’t be put off by those  ads claiming  that a  professionally lawyer-prepared  Last Will and Testament  costs  “thousand$.”  Bull!  Not at Schwablaw.  We routinely conduct the Estate Planning Interview, Document Preparation, Document Execution (including Witnesses!) for couple or few  hundred bucks (depends on the complexity, of course) -a great deal because you get NJ Specific professionally prepared document(s)  that you keep and you get a lawyer you can always turn to :  “Eric Schwab Is My Attorney”

ARE YOU THE  EXECUTOR OF AN ESTATE? Contact Eric Schwab to guide you through the intricacies of Estate Administration.